Making St. Louis Accessible
for Over 40 Years

Paraquad's Core Services

Paraquad's Core Services

As a Center for Independent Living, Paraquad has helped people discover their abilities for more than 40 years. Many of our board and staff members live with a disability. This gives us keen insight into the ever-changing needs of people with disabilities and the importance of developing individual plans with our participants to meet each person's needs.

A Center for Independent Living is a non-residential, not-for-profit, community-based agency providing the core services of Independent Living. A CIL is more than just an organization - it embodies a movement with a philosophy rooted in principles similar to the civil rights and women's movements. The Independent Living movement developed in response to systems that were inappropriate for people with disabilities.

As a Center for Independent Living, Paraquad is represented by the following five core services:


Our advocacy initiatives address physical and attitudinal barriers to community inclusion and advance the rights of people with all types of disabilities.

Independent Living

Our specialists and participants develop an individual action plan for each person focused on building skills for self-sufficiency and independent living.

Information & Referral

Our experienced staff provides a wide range of information about services available at Paraquad and in the community.  

Peer Consultation

Our peer consultants are people living with disabilities who serve as role models, share personal experiences and provide skills training for independent living.


Our specialists help participants learn skills that will help them live independently.