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Success Stories

Success Stories

Don BaileyDon: Actor Turned Playwright Has Play Performed

When he was performing in the Off-Broadway musical “Smoke on the Mountain,” former actor Don Bryant Bailey said he was a “triple threat.” A 2002 review of a performance in which Bailey played Stanley, the family patriarch's brother, lends support. Read more...

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Latisha WilsonLatisha: Participant Transitions from Nursing Home to Downtown Loft

Latisha Wilson, a participant at Paraquad, has lived in a downtown St. Louis loft for the past six months. But getting there proved to be an arduous task, requiring a great deal of self-advocacy and support from Paraquad and her family. Read more...

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Zack taking aim at his dreamZack: Taking Aim at His Dream

When Occupational Therapy Assistant student Jill Harris heard that gym participant, Zack, had always wanted to learn to hunt but had never fired a gun, all she could see were endless possibilities. After much creative problem solving and trying to adapt tripods and triggers, she came up with a solution. Read more...

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Jim after winning a raceJim: A Way of Life, a Path to Recovery

After a brainstem stroke, Jim was left with left sided weakness, debilitating vertigo and balance issues, inability to trigger a single swallow and serious respiratory problems. He visits Paraquad's Health and Wellness Center three days a week—doing weight training and aerobic exercise. Jim and his family can see improvements. Read more...

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Kahri bagging at the grocery storeKahri: On the Job Experience

Kahri participated in Paraquad’s Summer Work Experience Program (SWEP), where he worked for eight weeks as a bagger at his local Schnucks.  Kahri taught his co-workers basic sign language and was a big hit with the customers. He did so well during this training program that Schnucks offered him a part-time position. The skills he’s learned on the job will help Kahri as he pursues his education and career goals.

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Emma in her homeEmma:  Living on Her Own

​Moving out of the nursing home was a priority for Emma, who had lived in a nursing home since 2004 after being diagnosed with Frederick’s Ataxia. Emma came to Paraquad for help with transitioning into community-based housing. Paraquad staff worked with Emma to ensure the transition was both safe and successful. In 2008, Emma was able to hang a welcome sign outside her south county bungalow. Now Emma is ready to be a mentor for others as they transition from nursing homes.

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Peter dancingPeter: Active in the Community

​Before coming to Paraquad, Peter had become withdrawn and nonverbal. He spent his days watching television. His sister, Pat, missed the fun-loving brother he had always been. Peter enrolled in continuing education classes. Through the support of his family and Paraquad, he is active with evening classes, working on his card shop, and playing basketball. Pat credits Paraquad with “bringing the smile back to my brother’s face.”

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