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Kim Lackey Vacation

Please Hold My Reservation!


My husband and I have often wondered why we even bother making reservations. Several times when traveling, we have reached our hotel and upon checking in have been told that they do not have an accessible hotel room available. Read more

Aimee Wehmeier

What Does Disability Mean?


Capturing what disability means is difficult. How can I share the experience and the emotion? How do I tell my story in a way that brings a smile to the listener’s face and not a big, toothy smile of inspiration or a fake, patronizing smile of pity? Read more

Anna Corbitt

Wheelchair Etiquette in 8 Easy Steps


As a user of a power wheelchair since I was five, I’ve become quite the expert on etiquette for interacting with someone in a wheelchair. As an extremely outspoken person, I haven’t hesitated to let people know that they should or shouldn’t do something with regard to a wheelchair. Read more

CDS Participant

Back to the Start of Consumer Directed Services


For many people, having assistance from a reliable and qualified personal care attendant is a key part of living an independent life full of choice and opportunity. Thankfully, many men and women before us helped create programs and services to give us easier access to personal care attendant services. Read more