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Disability Etiquette

The Lens of Ability: Disability Etiquette


At Paraquad, we are often asked how people with disabilities adapt and do things differently to accomplish everyday tasks independently or with assistance. The Lens of Ability hopes to answer those questions through first-hand accounts of people living with a disability. Read more

Americans with Disabilities Act

Generation ADA is Here to Stay


The day I realized I am an Generation ADA advocate, I was sitting in a city council committee meeting listening to testimony on one of the biggest civil rights issue for people with disabilities that my generation has ever faced. Read more

Sarah Li Zhao

Social Integration Programs for Senior Immigrants


Since the 1990s, the number of older immigrants age 65 and above has increased from 2.7 million to 4.3 million or about 11 percent of all immigrants to the United States. A 2009 report in the New York Times said that “ethnic elderly are among the most isolated people in America.” Read more

CDS Attendant

CDS: It’s All About the Consumer


I drove a round trip from St. Louis to Kansas City, Mo., last week. I saw a lot of billboards — a lot. And I saw a fair amount of billboards advertising companies that provide home-based personal care services for senior citizens and people with disabilities. Read more