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Jim Tuscher Institute

Jim Tuscher Institute

Jim Tuscher

The Jim Tuscher Institute is a new program of Paraquad. This section of programming provides several trainings all designed to provide skills and knowledge to help individuals with disabilities to advocate and organize their own communities.

The Tuscher Institute is named after Jim Tuscher, former Paraquad Vice-President of Public Policy and leader in the disability rights movement. Jim worked tirelessly to organize and advance the independent living movement by teaching, practicing, and living the independent living philosophy. The Institute promotes Jim's belief by providing the skills and knowledge necessary to advocate for change.This belief is a central component of every training offered at the Tuscher Institute and the Independent Living Philosophy.

The Jim Tuscher Institute offers the following trainings:

Legislative Advocacy Training

Participants learn the importance of legislative advocacy and how it works through role playing, active listening exercises, and team building.

Community Advocacy Training

Participants will gain a greater understanding of their rights under Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This training will also teach different ways to make your community more accessible.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Advocacy Training

Participants will gain a greater understanding of advocacy, its meaning and its impact upon communication access.

Power and Community Organizing Training

Multi day trainings focused on community and organizing techniques and building power within the community. This training will teach individuals how to apply organizing tactics in their own communities.

To learn more about the Jim Tuscher Institute or to schedule a training please contact Kim Lackey at 314/289-4355 or