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Disability Coalition on Health Care Reform

Disability Coalition on Health Care Reform

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Building a Movement for Access and Choice

The Disability Coalition on Healthcare Reform is comprised of individual advocates and disability organizations who share the mission to proactively improve and assure access to quality health care for Missourians with disabilities. 

We believe that access to comprehensive healthcare is crucial to the independence, dignity, and equality of all people including people with disabilities. The DCHR advocates for accessible health care that is affordable, located in the individual’s community, free of physical and communication barriers, and provided in a timely manner.

People with disabilities must have access to a wide range of comprehensive, affordable services to meet their individual health care needs including, but not limited to necessary preventive care, mental health care, specialty care, medications, durable medical equipment, supplies, in-home services and long-term care. The current health care system does not meet the needs of people with disabilities. The DCHR is dedicated to removing barriers in the health care system by developing effective policy recommendations and building broad-based community support for those solutions.

DCHR's key principles is that people with disabilities must be participants in shaping the policies and developing the healthcare and long-term care systems that impact their lives.  The disability community can impact health care and long term care systems by building power through a unified, sustained coalition.

DCHR goals are to:

  • Ensure that disability advocates have a place at the table during rule making and implementation health policies so that the needs of people with disabilities are taken into account and that new policies are not implemented in a harmful way.
  • Impace the elections so that positive health care reform for people with disabilities is a part of the agenda of the Presidential and statewide candidates; and voters with disabilities know the health care positions of Presidential and statewide candidates.
  • Increase access to health care for people with disabilities by monitoring and advocating for legislation at the state and federal levels.

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Review the Disability Coalition on Healthcare Reform's Statement of Principles
Read Coalition Issues to follow what is being done to ensure quality, accessible healthcare for Missourians

If you are a self-advocate, a family member or disability organization interested in becoming a member of the DCHR or if you are an ally and would like to partner with us, please call or email Megan Burke at 314/289-4277 or Kirsten Dunham 314/289-4251 or for more information about the coalition and the process for membership. For a PDF file of our brochure, click here.