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Statement of Principles: Disability Coalition on Healthcare Reform

Statement of Principles: Disability Coalition on Healthcare Reform

The Disability Coalition on Health Care Reform is comprised of individual advocates and organizations who share the common mission to proactively improve & assure access to quality health care for Missourians with disabilities. Collectively, the Coalition believes:

  1. Access to comprehensive health care is crucial to the independence, dignity, and equality of all people including people with disabilities.
  2. Accessible health care is affordable, located in the individual’s community, free of physical and communication barriers, and provided in a timely manner.  
  3. People with disabilities must be participants in shaping the policies and developing the healthcare and long-term care systems that impact their lives.
  4. Every individual and family facing decisions about health care, long term care, community services and supports must be fully informed of all options and make their own decisions.
  5. Healthcare and long term care systems should both create opportunities and remove barriers to allow full participation in education, employment, and all aspects of community life. Our communities benefit from the inclusion of every individual.   
  6. People with disabilities must have access to a wide range of comprehensive, affordable services to meet their individual health care needs including, but not limited to necessary preventive care, mental health care, specialty care, medications, durable medical equipment, supplies, in-home services and long-term care.
  7. The presence of a disability should not impede access to all medically necessary services.
  8. There should be on-going monitoring and evaluation of the health care system.  This should include quality of life outcomes.
  9. The Disability community can build power through a unified, sustained coalition.
  10. A unified and sustained coalition can have a powerful impact on health care and long term care systems.
  11. People with disabilities are not passive recipients but are and should be active participants and decision-makers at all levels of the coalition.

To become a member of the Disability Coalition on Health Care Reform, download, sign and return the Statements of Principles form to:

Paraquad, Inc.
Attn: Public Policy and Advocacy
5240 Oakland Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63110