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Housing Assistance for People with Disabilities

Housing Assistance for People with Disabilities

Photo of participant in front of his home

Living in one's own home or with family members is an important part of the independent living philosophy that is central to Paraquad's mission.  The saying, "there's no place like home" holds true for all of us.    

That's why Paraquad is committed to assisting individuals with disabilities in finding accessible, affordable housing in the St. Louis area.  We provide financial assistance for home modifications, rental and mortgage payments.

Increasing the availability of homes for people with disabilities is another focus of Paraquad's work.  We advocate for the expansion of affordable and accessible housing through our public policy efforts (i.e. legislation at the state and national levels).  We also work with architects, developers, landlords, and community leaders to promote the expansion of housing choices for people with disabilities.

For additional information e-mail or call 314/289-4200 (voice).