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Independent Living & Transition Services

Independent Living & Transition Services

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Our guiding principle at Paraquad is the independent living philosophy - the belief that people with disabilities should integrate fully into society, have equal opportunities and maintain control of their lives. The entire community benefits when all citizens live with self-reliance and dignity.

Transition Services

We assist individuals with disabilities transitioning from nursing homes, shelters or rehabilitation centers into the community. Each participant works with an Independent Living Specialist (ILS) to learn skills that will help them live independently. The transition process can take anywhere from six months to two years. The goal of the transition process is to provide a holistic approach to assisting people who are in nursing homes, homeless or those trying to avoid homelessness. Our specialists assist with addressing all the relevant concerns so that transitions are both safe and successful. While our specialists offer resources and experience in the planning process, the person with the disability is in control.

Independent Living Adult Program (ILAP)

Paraquad's Independent Living Adult Program (ILAP) provides information and support to assist adults with disabilities in meeting their independent living goals, including:

  • Finding affordable, accessible housing and transportation.
  • Constructing and utilizing a workable budget.
  • Attaining and/or understanding benefits.
  • Gaining a better understanding of one’s disability.
  • Assisting with the identification of realistic goals through partnership with participant and assessment of needs.
  • Providing motivation and support to achieve personal goals.
  • Providing education and referrals to other appropriate Paraquad programs.

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