AccessibleSTL Training

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Paraquad’s AccessibleSTL program provides a wealth of training and technical assistance for businesses, organizations and government entities working to increase inclusion in the St. Louis community. We provide the following services: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) site surveys, customized training and education, policy review and development assistance and ongoing technical assistance.

ADA Site Surveys

Paraquad staff will conduct a site survey of facilities to evaluate accessibility compliance according to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Once an assessment is conducted, Paraquad will provide a comprehensive report and presentation of findings, recommendations and personal consultation based on the site survey results.

Customized Training and Education

Paraquad staff has collective expertise in a number of areas to best meet the needs of AccessibleSTL program participants. Training topics include but are not limited to:

  • The ADA and how it affects business.
  • The real scoop on hiring people with disabilities.
  • Disability awareness and customer service.

Other customized training is available to meet specific needs and requests.

Policy Review and Development Assistance

Paraquad staff can assist with reviewing and developing policies to ensure equal access for people with disabilities, including:

  • Non-discrimination policy
  • Reasonable accommodation policy
  • Alternative format policy
  • Sign language interpreter policy

Ongoing Technical Assistance

AccessibleSTL program participants receive ongoing technical assistance to support the goal of creating inclusion for everyone in the St. Louis community.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we make our facility accessible?
Many businesses are interested in increasing the accessibility of their facility, but they aren’t sure where to start and may be nervous about the cost of making changes.

How can we create an inclusive environment for people with disabilities?
Being able to interact appropriately and effectively with employees and customers with disabilities is a common challenge and a great learning opportunity.

What can a hiring manager ask when interviewing a person with a disability?
Hiring managers can be uncomfortable in interviews with people with disabilities because they may not be familiar with the appropriate legal guidelines and etiquette.

When an employee or customer needs an accommodation, what do we need to know?
Not knowing where to start can lead to an employee or customer not receiving an accommodation that can promote productivity or satisfaction.

Which companies and organizations have benefited from Paraquad’s AccessibleSTL program?
Paraquad’s AccessibleSTL program has provided training and/or consulting services to the following organizations.

To learn more about the AccessibleSTL program, contact Christy Herzing, Community Access Coordinator, at (314) 289-4264 or

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