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Annette Allen
Receptionist/Office Support
Phone: (314) 289-4213
Email: aallen@paraquad.org

Michael Anderson
Program Outreach Specialist
Phone: (314) 289-4304
Email: manderson@paraquad.org

Evelyn Austin
Community Work Incentives Coordinator (CWIC)
Phone: (314) 289-4358
Email: eaustin@paraquad.org


Senija Bajric
Director of Consumer Directed Services
Phone: (314) 289-4247
Email: sbajric@paraquad.org

Theresa Barron
Development and Marketing Assistant
Phone: (314) 289-4257
Email: tbarron@paraquad.org

Lindsey Bean-Kampwerth
Director of Assistive Technology Center
Phone: (314) 633-4744
Email: lkampwerth@paraquad.org

Bryanna Besch
Staff Interpreter
Phone: (314) 289-4294
Email: bbesch@paraquad.org

John Braddock
Independent Living Specialist
Phone: (314) 289-4372
Email: jbraddock@paraquad.org

Scott Brandon
Peer Services Specialist
Phone: (314) 289-4215
Email: sbrandon@paraquad.org

Tim Brendel
Maintenance/Security Manager
Phone: (314) 289-4279
Email: tbrendel@paraquad.org

Matt Brock
Independent Living Specialist
Phone: (314) 289-4221
Email: mbrock@paraquad.org

Colleen Burdiss
Independent Living Specialist
Phone: (314) 732-1468
Email: cburdiss@paraquad.org

Stephanie Burton
CDS Administrative Coordinator
Phone: (314) 289-4223
Email: sburton@paraquad.org


Kathy Camillo
Information and Referral Specialist
Phone: (314) 289-4320
Email: kcamillo@paraquad.org

Latoya Chauncey
CDS Supervisor
Phone: (314) 289-4256
Email: lchauncey@paraquad.org

Ed Clark
CDS Field Specialist
Phone: (314) 289-4388
Email: eclark@paraquad.org

Kevin Condon
Director of Development and Marketing
Phone: (314) 289-4348
Email: kcondon@paraquad.org

Anna Corbitt
Community Relations and Events Coordinator
Phone: (314) 289-4214
Email: acorbitt@paraquad.org

Antwon Cotton
Phone: (314) 289-4232
Email: acotton@paraquad.org

Sarah Coyle
Information and Referral Manager
Phone: (314) 289-4224
Email: scoyle@paraquad.org


Pamela Daugherty
Adaptive Exercise Specialist
Phone: (314) 289-4325
Email: pdaugherty@paraquad.org

Tyrhonda Davis
Assistive Technology Center Intake Assistant
Phone: (314) 289-4329
Email: tdavis@paraquad.org

Nicole DeVore
Interpreter Services Supervisor
Phone: (314) 289-4294
Email: ndevore@paraquad.org

Marilyn Dewitt
Supported Education Coach

Alvira Draganovic
Community Work Incentives Coordinator (CWIC)
Phone: (314) 289-4272
Email: adragonovic@paraquad.org


Cary Eskew
CDS Field Specialist
Phone: (314) 289-4339
Email: ceskew@paraquad.org

Franshon Ewing
CDS Consumer Liaison
Phone: (314) 289-4305
Email: fewing@paraquad.org


Steph Fessler
Employee Advocate
Phone: (314) 289-4319
Email: sfessler@paraquad.org

Bonnie Forker
Employment Services Manager
Phone: (314) 289-4268
Email: bforker@paraquad.org


Christy Grass
Receptionist/Office Support
Phone: (314) 289-4200
Email: cgrass@paraquad.org

Melissa Grass
Staff Interpeter
Phone: (314) 289-4294
Email: mgrass@paraquad.org


Dave Haessig
Independent Living Supervisor
Phone: (314) 289-4338
Email: dhaessig@paraquad.org

Almira Hajdarevic-Husic
CDS Timesheet Review Specialist
Phone: (314) 289-4383
Email: ahusic@paraquad.org

Ray Halagera
Chief Operating Officer
Phone: (314) 289-4369
Email: rhalagera@paraquad.org

Jennifer Haycraft
Director of Vocational Education Programs
Phone: (314) 289-4255
Email: jhaycraft@paraquad.org

Karen Heim
CDS Payroll Specialist
Phone: (314) 289-4248
Email: kheim@paraquad.org

Guan F. Hollins
Director of Facilities
Phone: (314) 289-4271
Email: ghollins@paraquad.org


Darrell L. Jacobs
Deaf Way Interpreting Services Office Manager
Phone: (314) 289-4250
Email: dljacobs@paraquad.org

Beth Jantz
Major Gifts Officer
Phone: (314) 289-4335
Email: bjantz@paraquad.org

Kena Johnson
Transition Coordinator
Phone: (314) 289-4203
Email: kjohnson@paraquad.org

Michael Johnson
Phone: (314) 289-4232
Email: mjohnson@paraquad.org

Michele Jones
Compliance and Quality Assurance Manager
Phone: (314) 289-4237
Email: mjones@paraquad.org


Lyndy Kachadorian
Adaptive Exercise Specialist
Phone: (314) 289-4202
Email: lkachadorian@paraquad.org

Tyson Kanoya
Network Administrator
Phone: (314) 289-4208
Email: tkanoya@paraquad.org

Bill Knittig
Supported Education Coach

Jacob Kuerth
Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator
Phone: (314) 289-4371
Email: jkuerth@paraquad.org


Kimberly Lackey
Director of Public Policy and Advocacy
Phone: (314) 289-4355
Email: klackey@paraquad.org

Kathleen Lamar
Employee Advocate
Phone: (314) 289-4200
Email: klamar@paraquad.org

Cheryl Lampert
Supported Education Coach

Jeff Lee
Chief Financial Officer
Phone: (314) 289-4226
Email: jlee@paraquad.org

Diane Link
CDS Customer Service Specialist
Phone: (314) 289-4363
Email: dlink@paraquad.org

Karen Lister
Billing Compliance Coordinator
Phone: (314) 732-1588
Email: klister@paraquad.org

Paul Lonigro
Information and Referral Specialist
Phone: (314) 289-4245
Email: plonigro@paraquad.org


Kaisey Martin
Strategic Project Manager
Phone: (314) 289-4259
Email: kmartin@paraquad.org

Derrick Mason
Cleaning Assistant
Phone: (314) 289-4200
Email: dmason@paraquad.org

Nicole May
Human Resources Manager
Phone: (314) 289-4298
Email: nmay@paraquad.org

Stephanie McDowell
Youth and Family Education Specialist
Phone: (314) 289-4265
Email: smcdowell@paraquad.org

Raven McFadden
Youth and Family Program and Peer Program Assistant
Phone: (314) 289-4281
Email: rmcfadden@paraquad.org

Karen E. McKenney
Pastry Chef, Bloom Café
Phone: (314) 289-4234
Email: kmckenney@paraquad.org

John Mertens
Grant Writer
Phone: (314) 289-4330
Email: jmertens@paraquad.org

Paul Mierisch
Cleaning Assistant
Phone: (314) 289-4200
Email: pmierisch@paraquad.org

Tiffany Moriarty
Executive Assistant and Board Liaison
Phone: (314) 289-4361
Email: tmoriarty@paraquad.org

Kurt Mueller
CDS Attendant Information Associate
Phone: (314) 289-4755
Email: kmueller@paraquad.org

Aaron Murray
Heath and Wellness Center Assistant
Phone: (314) 289-4202
Email: amurray@paraquad.org


Chris Nesbitt
Phone: (314) 289-4232
Email: cnesbitt@paraquad.org


Nina Paquet
CDS Customer Service Specialist
Phone: (314) 289-4240
Email: npaquet@paraquad.org

Mike Parker
Database Coordinator
Phone: (314) 289-4314
Email: mparker@paraquad.org

Tifeane Parker-Shelton
Office Assistant/Personal Attendant
Phone: (314) 289-4200
Email: tshelton@paraquad.org

Steve Patsaros
CDS Specialist
Phone: (314) 289-4350
Email: spatsaros@paraquad.org

Jerome Petty
Employment Specialist
Phone: (314) 289-4288
Email: jpetty@paraquad.org

Lisa Priest
Staff Interpreter
Phone: (314) 289-4294
Email: lpriest@paraquad.org

Rebecca Pursley
Staff Interpreter
Phone: (314) 289-4294
Email: rpursley@paraquad.org


Armando Quintana
Cleaning Assistant
Phone: (314) 289-4200


Cheryl Reid
Phone: (314) 289-4232
Email: creid@paraquad.org

Jeremy Robinson
Chef Manager, Bloom Café
Phone: (314) 289-4234
Email: jrobinson@paraquad.org

Miranda Root
Work Incentives Planning and Assistance (WIPA) Project Manager
Phone: (314) 289-4262
Email: mroot@paraquad.org


Edisa Sabanovic
Director of Independent Living Services
Phone: (314) 633-4756
Email: esabanovic@paraquad.org

Alyssa Schafer
CDS Payroll Manager
Phone: (314) 289-4231
Email: aschafer@paraquad.org

Steven C. Schenck
Ticket to Work Referral Specialist
Phone: (314) 289-4293
Email: sschenck@paraquad.org

Lisa Shelley
Employee Advocate
Phone: (314) 289-4269
Email: lshelley@paraquad.org

Tomeka Slaughter
Employee Advocate
Phone: (314) 289-4200
Email: tslaughter@paraquad.org

Melissa Smith
Health and Wellness Center Manager
Phone: (314) 289-4253
Email: msmith@paraquad.org

Karen Snead
Staff Interpeter
Phone: (314) 289-4294
Email: ksnead@paraquad.org

Steve Spencer
Employment Specialist
Phone: (314) 289-4263
Email: sspencer@paraquad.org

Cindy Stark
Accounting/Payroll Coordinator
Phone: (314) 289-4225
Email: cstark@paraquad.org

Cherese Steele
Vocational Services Support Assistant
Phone: (314) 289-4324
Email: csteele@paraquad.org

Linda Steinger
Supported Education Coach

Candice Stoplos-Schaffer
Retention and Volunteer Manager
Phone: (314) 289-4269
Email: cstopplosschafer@paraquad.org

Terrell Stovall
Cleaning Assistant
Phone: (314) 289-4200
Email: tstovall@paraquad.org

Erin Stumpf
Staff Interpreter
Phone: (314) 289-4294
Email: estumpf@paraquad.org


Jill Taulbee
Compliance and Quality Assurance Supervisor
Phone: (314) 289-4328
Email: jtaulbee@paraquad.org

Mary Thompson
Accessibility Specialist
Phone: (314) 289-4206
Email: mthompson@paraquad.org

Dori Torrey
CDS Payroll Specialist
Phone: (314) 289-4258
Email: dtorrey@paraquad.org

Lisa Tucker
Health and Wellness Center Assistant
Phone: (314) 289-4202
Email: ltucker@paraquad.org


Aimee Wehmeier
President and Chief Executive Officer
Phone: (314) 289-4200
Email: awehmeier@paraquad.org

John West
Transportation Supervisor
Phone: (314) 289-4232
Email: jwest@paraquad.org

John West Jr.
Phone: (314) 289-4232
Email: wwest@paraquad.org

Derek Wetherell
Systems Organizer
Phone: (314) 289-4277
Email: dwetherell@paraquad.org

Tracy White
CDS Attendant Services Specialist
Phone: (314) 289-4326
Email: twhite@paraquad.org

Diane Wieland
Youth and Family Program and Peer Program Manager
Phone: (314) 289-4235
Email: dwieland@paraquad.org

Monica Williams
Organizing Team Assistant
Phone: (314) 289-4368
Email: mwilliams@paraquad.org

Joe Wilson Jr.
Culinary Director, Bloom Café
Phone: (314) 289-4233
Email: jwilson@paraquad.org

Pat Wolff
CAS Tax Coordinator
Phone: (314) 289-4306
Email: pwolff@paraquad.org

Christopher Worth
Organizing Team Manager
Phone: (314) 289-4315
Email: cworth@paraquad.org


Sarah Li Zhao
CDS Customer Service Specialist
Phone: (314) 289-4207
Email: szhao@paraquad.org