Recently, we hosted Scout Merry from the Missouri Assistive Technology Council for a training on the assistive technology devices we have available for members of the community to try before buying. Between the accessible apartment and computer lab we have several high- and low-tech devices that can make activities of daily living and computer access easier.

Not only does the apartment showcase accessible home modifications, but it also has tools you can test in the kitchen, bedroom, and living area. Kitchen tools include large, handled silverware, nonslip grips, and adaptive knives. Tools you can try in the bedroom area include adaptive writing and reading tools, and a track lift. Some of our writing tools include pens and pencils with different griping devices, a recording pen. Accessible reading tools include a C-Pen, and a magnifier.

The computer lab has a wide variety of keyboards, mice, trackballs, and software you can sample. You can try Dragon Dictate a program that allows you to control your computer with your voice or JAWS a tool that reads the screen to you.

Different tools can be useful for people with many disabilities. Some equipment that works for your friend with a similar disability might not work for you, so as you are searching for new assistive technology have an open mind, ask lots of questions, and don’t be afraid to try something new.

ID: white desk with writing tools and a magnifier.

ID: table with many different magnifiers and adaptive utensils.

ID: four different kinds of mice/trackballs

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