Logan University Chiropractic Clinic at Paraquad


It is the two-year anniversary of the Logan University Chiropractic Clinic at Paraquad, and during this time, our interns have gained so much knowledge through their personal experiences with Paraquad and its participants. The participants are our number-one priority and some of our interns wanted to share how they feel about working with them.

“I’ve really enjoyed interacting with the participants, staff and caretakers at Paraquad. The relationships I’ve developed will stay with me for a long time. What makes the experience even more enjoyable is that every participant I interact with is always so happy. Everyone is so grateful for the care we provide them and happy that they have the opportunity to receive care. This is a two-way street. Interacting with the participants helps boost my morale for the forthcoming week. I would rate my overall experience at Paraquad as a 10/10, and I hope to continue serving this population years to come.”
—Gregory Davis

“My experience with the Paraquad program has been one of the best clinical experiences in my time as a student. The motivation the participants bring every week is very inspiring and it is a great feeling being able to assist them in improving their lives. I can only hope that the participants get as much from us as we are getting from them!”
—Alex Ognbene

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with the participants at Paraquad. It has given me a chance to grow as a chiropractic intern that I wouldn’t have had elsewhere. I look forward to coming to Paraquad every week because the participants are always so appreciative for the care they receive and they are fun to work with.”
—Chelsea Warnecke

“Paraquad has given me the chance to know many amazing people. Everyone I have met has been an inspiration in hope, trust, perseverance and hard work. Working with the participants, caregivers and staff has helped put into perspective the important role of integrated chiropractic care in helping people feel and move better.”
—Kimball Arritt

“My time at Paraquad has been a very rewarding experience. It has opened my eyes to the creativity involved in treatment plans and how important it is to make specific accommodations for every participant. It’s an honor to know that the participants have entrusted me with their personal health care and extremely rewarding to watch them improve each week.”
—Brittany Overman

“Paraquad’s atmosphere is unique, everyone is one team with the goal to help the participants increase vitality and function. The participants exemplify amazing amounts of strength and perseverance and there is immense compassion and dedication I’ve seen from the staff and the leaders of Paraquad as well. I have met individuals who have impacted me for the rest of my life.  I am grateful for being able to have the opportunity to have met and help take care of the participants and workers.”
—Monique White

“The participants at Paraquad have been inspiring and have taught me how people with disabilities are stronger than many believe or perceive them to be. Chiropractic care helps them move more efficiently and supports their health and wellness so they can continue to be independent members of the community. I feel very blessed to be a part of the Paraquad team and hope that more places like this open in the future.”
—Linzie Evans

Kelly Humphries, D.C., M.S., L.P. is a fellow at the BIOFREEZE Human Performance Center at Logan University. She can be reached at kelley.humphries@logan.edu.

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