Gov. Jay Nixon

Nixon Approves Measure to Increase Asset Limits


Gov. Jay Nixon, D-Mo., on Thursday signed into law House Bill 1565, which updates an asset limit measure that is more than 40 years old and allows people with disabilities to retain Medicaid benefits and save for unexpected expenses. Read more

Paraquad Garden

Paraquad’s Garden Flourishes


Winter’s gone, and again this year, Paraquad is blooming.

Leon Zickrick, a Master Gardener, Paraquad participant and volunteer directs the efforts that have made our stretch of Oakland Ave. a bright spot for people coming in or passing by. Read more

Can You Be Too Much of an Advocate?


I was born an advocate. It must be in my genes. As a child I liked being everyone’s friend and not being pigeonholed by a particular clique. I had a very diverse group of friends, which was unusual for being raised in the South in the ’50s and ’60s. Read more

Monica Williams

Why We Ride in the Street


Rolling on St. Louis sidewalks is like riding a bumpy obstacle course. People who use power wheelchairs or scooters often choose to ride their device in the street to keep from dealing with all of the dips, humps and holes on a sidewalk. Read more

Workplace Accommodations

The Lens of Ability: Workplace Accommodations


At Paraquad, we are often asked how people with disabilities adapt and do things differently to accomplish everyday tasks independently or with assistance. The Lens of Ability hopes to answer those questions through firsthand accounts of people living with a disability. Read more

Shelly Walls

Surprised, Celebrated and Honored!


It’s not easy to outwit a police detective, especially when you’re planning a surprise birthday party and trivia night. But somehow, Gloria Walls was able to gather 80 friends and relatives to celebrate her husband Marty’s 45th birthday without his knowledge. Read more