Deaf Grassroots Movement

More About the Deaf Grassroots Movement


You might notice the picture accompanying this blog that shows two hands touching. The back of one hand and fingers of the other hand are pointing in opposite directions.

It is an American Sign Language sign representing “grassroots.” Read more

Pamela Daugherty and baby

Other Duties as Assigned…


When you work in a nonprofit setting, it’s not unusual to find yourself doing a variety of tasks that weren’t originally in your job description. And for a creative person like me, it’s this variety that’s kept me in tune with why I became an occupational therapist. Read more

Alyssa Schafer

Medicaid Fraud: What Is It?


Recently in the news, you have probably happened on a few stories focused on Medicaid fraud. Some of these involve doctors or hospitals, but many focus on fraud and waste in home and community-based services. Read more

Anna Corbitt

Anna Gets an Accessible Van


Learning how to drive and getting an accessible van were extremely important goals for me. I started the process more than five years ago and have been through it three times. That includes working with Vocational Rehabilitation to get the van modifications covered. Read more

Busch Stadium

Play Ball — 10 Years Later


As a lifelong St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan, I was thrilled when I got the opportunity in 2003 to help plan the accessibility features of the new Busch Stadium. The team was seeking input from representatives of disability-related organizations to ensure that its state-of-the-art facility would be accessible for all fans. Read more