Wells Fargo Advisors Grande Pride Parade

Paraquad Welcomes All


Several weeks ago, Paraquad participated in PrideFest for the very first time.

I had the privilege of taking part in the Wells Fargo Advisors Grande Pride Parade and the experience was unmatched by any I have ever had. Read more

Christopher Worth

On Disability and Sexuality


This summer — August 3-6 in St. Louis — the American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) presents its latest Summer Institute, The Sexual Kaleidoscope: Sexual Expressions for All Abilities. Read more

Sheltered Workshop

Let’s Reform Sheltered Workshop Employment


When I was young — until about 11 years old — I was labeled with what was then called “mental retardation.” Additionally, I have cerebral palsy. The label “mental retardation” is now called “intellectual disability” by socially sensitive and progressive folks. Read more


Medicaid Misconceptions


Before I really knew about disability policy, I didn’t fully understand Medicaid. With research and time (and some more research), I’ve boiled my findings down to the five biggest “thoughts and truths” about Medicaid, of which everyone should be aware. Read more

Logan University Chiropractic Clinic at Paraquad

Logan University Clinic Celebrates Anniversary


It is the two-year anniversary of the Logan University Chiropractic Clinic at Paraquad, and during this time, our interns have gained so much knowledge through their personal experiences with Paraquad and its participants. The participants are our number-one priority and some of our interns wanted to share how they feel about working with them. Read more

Anna Corbitt

I Pity the Fool…


Just over a year ago, I was at an animal shelter with my older sister and our dogs. We, and half of Belleville, were in line to get our dogs microchipped and updated on their shots. We were standing in a single file line to keep the dogs under control. Read more