Universal Design

Baby Boomers Demand More Liveable Spaces


I’m a baby boomer. Last year, I decided I’d better start thinking about how I was going to continuing living in my home with the garage and the washer and dryer in the basement. A family history of arthritis isn’t in my favor. This is when I began to look at condos. Read more


Questions, Questions and More Questions


Want to know how to find a contractor who can build a ramp? Need to find out where to get adaptive driving equipment such as hand controls? The Information and Referral Department at your local Center for Independent Living (CIL) is a great place to get answers. Read more

Matching Clothing

The Lens of Ability: Matching Clothing


At Paraquad, we are often asked how people with disabilities adapt and do things differently to accomplish everyday tasks independently or with assistance. The Lens of Ability hopes to answer those questions through firsthand accounts of people living with a disability. Read more

Severe Weather

Are You Prepared for Severe Weather?


In the spring, I always check my flashlight, weather radio and transistor radio and make sure they’re in my “go-to” spot. I put some fresh bottles of water and a handful of new batteries in the backpack I keep in the closet. Read more

CDS Attendant

Not All CDS Providers Are Equal


It’s daunting when you need to find a Consumer Directed Services (CDS) provider agency for yourself or a loved one. You see the ads on TV and in the paper. You know not all vendors/providers are equal. You want the very best. Read more