St. Louis City’s 2121 Mayoral Election is just around the corner!

On March 2nd four candidates will be on the primary ballot; the two winners will run against each other in the April 6th General Election.
The candidates and their top priorities are listed below. More information can be found on each individual’s website.

Lewis Reed

  • Reduce crime and gun violence
  • Support workforce development, small businesses, and job growth
  • Protect homeowners at risk of foreclosure
  • Increase government transparency
  • Protect the environment
  • Protect St. Louis’ unique neighborhoods


  • Committed to equity and inclusion
  • COVID-19 Recovery will be two pronged and focus on the economy and preparedness for future health crisis
  • Community first public safety plan
  • Modernizing City policies and procedures
  • Address income inequality
  • Encourage development in North and South City
  • Champion issues relating to children, youth, and families


  • Violence reduction with a 10 step data driven plan
  • Strengthen St. Louis School system
  • Against Airport privatization
  • Center racial equity
  • Revitalize neighborhoods and reduce vacant property
  • Run City government efficiently and professionally
  • COVID-19 Recovery
  • Economic Development


  • Strengthen public safety by reducing violent crime and improving PR
  • Send more resources to schools
  • Economic Development by reducing violent crime and welcoming businesses
  • Infrastructure development
  • Thoughtful police reform

For information on how to vote in the Municipal Elections visit the St. Louis City Primary Muncipal Election webpage.

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