On November 17th, Paraquad hosted a virtual summit to discuss the transition from youth to adult Medicaid services for people with disabilities.  This transition can be challenging and daunting for new college students or young adults entering the workforce. This event provided parents, educators, and students with the information and resources to navigate this change.

Hosts Briana Conley and Sarah Schwegel from Paraquad’s Public Policy and Advocacy department welcomed over 100 attendees and 14 speakers from across the St. Louis area, many of whom offered advice and shared their personal experiences with making the jump from youth to adult Medicaid services. The all-day event was open to the public and featured experts from Paraquad, the Special School District of St. Louis, St. Louis University, Metro Transit, and more. Attendees learned about the application process for adult Medicaid services, supplemental waivers available to people with disabilities, reasonable accommodations for college students with disabilities, transportation services for people with disabilities, and job placement services for recent high school or college graduates. Sarah Schwegel and Raven McFadden of Paraquad shared their experiences as college students transitioning to adult Medicaid services and living independently on campus.

Attendees received an informational packet with resources and additional information about Medicaid and the various services available to young adults with disabilities and their parents to ensure a smooth transition.

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