Cars for Paraquad

Paraquad is proud to partner with Bender to accept the donation of vehicles. Proceeds from the sale of running vehicles will benefit Paraquad’s mission of empowering people with disabilities to increase their independence through choice and opportunity.

Through the donation of a vehicle, people with disabilities will be able to exercise at the Health and Wellness Center at Paraquad, get valuable job training through our Bloom Café culinary training program, work one-on-one with a mentor with a similar disability and work with our staff experts to learn skills to access resources to live independently.

To participate:

  • Donor arranges a time for the vehicle to be accepted at Paraquad by calling 314-289-4348 or emailing (By appointment only.)
    • Vehicle must be able to be driven to Paraquad.
    • Owner must have a clear title.
  • Donor completes paperwork to transfer the vehicle for resale to Bender.

If the sale price of the vehicle exceeds $500, Paraquad will provide the donor a completed IRS Form 1098-C.

All donations will receive an acknowledgment letter that provides the final sale price for tax-deduction purposes.

Paraquad is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.