Community Voices for Medicaid: Ruqayyah C. Bailey

Elevating and Amplifying the Voices of Medicaid Recipients

5:30p – 6:30p CST
Date:  Monday, September 13, 2021
Place:  Zoom (Register for the Link!)

Paraquad is excited to host St. Louis Community advocate Ruqayyah C. Bailey in a TED-style event as part of our Community Voices for Medicaid Initiative.  Below is a description of the event, in Ruqayyah’s words:

“My TED talk will be about the life that I had growing up with multiple disabilities, to my transition to adulthood from my individual education plan (IEP) services growing up with a sibling and having a legal guardian.  Then I will talk about My career goals in life and what I have done to achieve some of them and how I will continue to work on achieving those goals as I grow into a vibrant young black woman that I am and will become! I will also be voicing how important Medicaid/MO HealthNet has helped me in learning things, to become more and more independent each and every day I woke up! The finally thing I will emphasize in this TED talk is how important Paraquad Inc. Bloom Cafe was to me in learning how to develop the best on the job skills I have ever learned in my years.”

We hope you’ll to see you there!

For the past 12 years, Ruqayyah Cherie Bailey has been a voice for the community she serves. She got started with advocacy for the disability community in 2008 after facing discrimination due to her own disability.  Ruqayyah founded and directed her own organization called Don’t Quit that was in service for 3 years. Throughout her advocacy journey for the disability community she has found great peace and freedom. With this peace and freedom in mind, Ruqayyah decided to attend college at St. Louis Community College at Forest Park where she is working on her Associates Degree in Human Services and Applied Science. With this degree, she hopes to transfer to the University of Missouri – St. Louis and continue to work with children and adults with disabilities. Ruqayyah also receives DSP services from Easterseals Midwest, where she lives independently in her own apartment.

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