As a person with a disability, you have the right to:

  • Vote
  • Cast a provisional ballot
  • Assistance
  • Accessible voting
  • Choose your voting system
  • Use curbside voting
  • Vote at home

Why is voting so important?

  • The disability community is one of the largest groups in the U.S.
  • The disability community regularly votes at a much lower rate than other populations.
  • If every single eligible voter with a disability voted, we could have a major impact on decisions.

Missouri’s photo ID requirement for voting begins June 1, 2017. That means in any election after that date, you will be asked to show a photo ID before you vote. Visit for more information about obtaining a non-driver license.

Visit the Missouri Secretary of State’s website to find out if you are registered to vote or the location of your polling place.

For more information contact:

  • Paraquad – 314-289-4200
  • St. Louis Board of Election Commissioners¬†– 314-622-4336
  • St. Louis County Board of Elections – 314-615-1800
  • Missouri Secretary of State – 800-NOW-VOTE
  • Election Protection – 866-OUR-VOTE