Deaf Way Interpreting Services’ American Sign Language (ASL) classes engage the learner in both an academic and immersive learning environment.

Using the “A Basic Course in American Sign Language (Second Edition)” curriculum and taught by a Deaf person, our sign language classes ensure students receive top-notch sign language instruction.

Basic American Sign Language Class
Date: June 5, 2017 – August 7, 2017 (classes meet on Monday night)
Time: 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Cost: $100
More information: The Basic American Sign Language Class teaches that ASL is a visual-gestural language with its own syntax and grammar. The instructor will seek to encourage students to think in signs instead words. The instructor and students focus more on functions of everyday interactions that range from inviting someone to sit down to more abstract communication like starting a conversation or storytelling. An additional bonus to the non-verbal, conceptual approach is a learning and understanding of Deaf culture.

Sign Language Class Registration

Registration for the summer 2017 semester is closed. Check back soon for registration information for the fall 2017 semester.