ALERT: Paraquad will be closed on Monday, Feb. 19, 2018, in observance of Presidents Day.

Continuing Education Classes

Paraquad’s Continuing Education program offers various classes throughout the year to adults with developmental disabilities in St. Louis County.


Students can choose from a variety of exciting courses to work toward their individual goals.

Classes may include topics such as reading, everyday numbers (math, time, measurements, money, banking, payroll), computers, communication and improving skills needed at work.

Hands-on workshops such as gardening, woodshop, cooking and community access give students an opportunity to apply skills learned in the classroom.

Spring 2018 Course Catalog


Classes are offered at Paraquad.


Classes are free to eligible adults. Private pay options are available to those not eligible for free classes. Some workshops such as cooking and community access may have program fees.


Free or low-cost transportation to the education site is available from most locations.

The Continuing Education program is funded by the Productive Living Board for St. Louis County Citizens with Developmental Disabilities. The class size and availability of classes may be limited based on available funding.

Private Tutoring (Supported Education)

Tutoring at community sites may be available to students who want to improve their skills in reading and numbers. Students must live in St. Louis County and be enrolled in a Continuing Education class. Tutoring is free to eligible adults. Transportation is not provided for tutoring.

Supported Education is funded by the Productive Living Board for St. Louis County Citizens with Developmental Disabilities.