About the Program

This program prepares adults with disabilities for a career in hospitality. In the 15-week training program, taught by a certified culinary instructor, students learn:

  • Sanitation and food safety
  • Knife skills
  • Cooking and baking
  • Customer service

After the training program, Paraquad helps graduates find jobs. Students may complete a paid internship prior to job placement to build additional job skills.

Paraquad’s Workplace Supports certified employment team provides graduates with:

Job readiness training
Job placement
Workplace support

Paraquad provides ongoing support to ensure each student’s long-term success.

Age: 18 and up.
Disability: Any disability will be considered. Successful applicants must demonstrate an interest in food service and an ability to be successful in the program and in competitive employment.

How to Apply
Class selection is a competitive process. The first step is to complete an application.
To request an application or learn more, please contact:
Candice Zottarelle czottarelle@paraquad.org
Chef Kelly Ross at kross@paraquad.org