Dr. Lindsey Bean-Kampwerth

Lindsey Kampwerth, OTD, OTR/L, ATP is the director of assistive technology at Paraquad. In addition to overseeing the Health and Wellness Center at Paraquad, she is also responsible for the assistive technology demonstration program, the assistive technology reutilization program, the Telecommunication Access Program (TAP) and a full-scale apartment that features the the latest in universal design.

As a doctoral student at Washington University in St. Louis, Dr. Kampwerth developed an outcome measurement for Paraquad’s durable medical equipment reutilization program. After earning her degree in Occupational Therapy in 2008, Dr. Kampwerth furthered her commitment to the independent living philosophy by joining Paraquad as a full-time employee. During her decade at Paraquad, she has worked on major multiyear collaborative grants between the organization and the Program in Occupational Therapy at Washington University.

Dr. Kampwerth says the most fulfilling part of her job is seeing people working hard to make positive life changes. Those experiences have only served to increase her passion and motivation for working with people with disabiliteis.

When she’s not at Paraquad, Dr. Kampwerth is the co-manager of the St. Louis Rugby Spartans, a wheelchair rugby team. She also enjoys spending time with her husband and two children.

Pamela Daugherty

Pamela Daugherty is an adaptive exercise specialist at Paraquad. And even though that’s her title, she finds herself assuming a variety of roles. From solving occupational therapy challenges with Health and Wellness Center participants, helping out with administrative duties or creating the odd adaptive device to help people with everyday life tasks, she always brings with her a unique perspective.

With more than 10 years of experience working with people with disabilities, Pamela finds a way of adding her innovative touch to all she does. No matter what hat she’s wearing, she is committed to providing quality service to empower people with disabilities.

If she’s not at Paraquad, she enjoys wrangling her two sons and painting.

Aaron Murray

Aaron Murray, an adaptive exercise specialist, has been a part of the Health and Wellness Center team since 2012. He began as a participant, transitioned to a volunteer and became a staff member two years later.

Murray, a paraplegic, says it’s an amazing privilege to come to work each day and help people with disabilities get one step closer to their goals. He says living with a disability sometimes lets him connect with participants a little more closely than his peers.

Murray has three years of experience as a personal trainer, and fitness is a passion. He is married with a one-year-old son and dog that he loves to spend time with.

Mike Scheller

Mike Scheller is a community-based adaptive exercise specialist at the Health and Wellness Center at Paraquad. He earned his bachelor’s degree in sports health from Oklahoma University in 1994 and graduated in 2001 from Sanford Brown College with an associate degree as a physical therapy assistant.

Scheller currently works as a research assistant for multiple projects in the Participation, Environment and Performance Laboratory, part of the Program in Occupational Therapy at Washington University School of Medicine, and the American Parkinson Disease Association.