Participants consult with an independent living specialist to identify skills that will help them live more independently and then develop goals to learn those skills. The participant works one-on-one with the specialist who provides assistance such as skills training, resources or referrals designed to help the participant achieve their goals.

Personal independent living goals might be in areas such as:

  • Learning skills after a new disability
  • Community recreation, socialization or making friends
  • Discovering and navigating resources, and problem solving
  • Transportation, riding public transit or using Call-A-Ride
  • Personal relationships and sexuality
  • Money management and budgeting
  • Information about housing, benefits, health care and utilities
  • Planning meals and shopping
  • Safety and emergency planning
  • Personal care and hygiene

The participant identifies the goals, and the participant is the one who works toward the goals. The specialist provides resources, training and encouragement to achieve the goal, but the participant is in control.

The participant’s success in learning new skills or achieving the goals depends largely upon how much effort the participant puts into it.

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