Anna Corbitt

Anna Gets an Accessible Van


Learning how to drive and getting an accessible van were extremely important goals for me. I started the process more than five years ago and have been through it three times. That includes working with Vocational Rehabilitation to get the van modifications covered. Read more

ADA Accessibility Surveys

Accessibility Matters


I recently worked with a colleague providing training on disability awareness and etiquette. I wanted to focus on some of the information from the training that provides compelling information supporting the idea that accessibility matters. Read more

Kevin Geekie

Attitude Change is Overdue


A major attitude change is absolutely necessary for people with disabilities to thrive to the fullest in society. The human race as a whole must step in to the 21st century. Read more

Mike Anderson

The Lens of Ability: Driving


At Paraquad, we are often asked how people with disabilities adapt and do things differently to accomplish everyday tasks independently or with assistance. The Lens of Ability hopes to answer those questions through firsthand accounts of people living with a disability. Read more