Blind Person with White Cane

To Acknowledge or Not to Acknowledge


Imagine you are walking down the street with a group of friends chatting about the newest iPhone or current events. Ahead, you notice a person who is blind navigating with a white cane coming toward your group. There is a narrow path, and your group needs to get past the person walking toward you. Read more

Chris Worth

Higher Level Thinking Accessible to Everyone


When I was elementary school age, I was falsely diagnosed as having a severe intellectual disability. So it was decided that I would not be taught to read or write. That decision has shaped nearly every subsequent decision that I’ve made. Read more

Amanda K. Helderle

The Dream … Never Give Up


Once upon a time, many years ago, there was a girl named Amanda who was born with a disease called cystic fibrosis. The first few years of her life were tumultuous, with medications, visits to doctors, illnesses and long hospital stays. One of her longest hospital stays as a child totaled four months. Read more

Kimberly Lackey

How Much Can You See?


As a person with a visual impairment, I am often asked questions like, “How much can you see?” or “Can you see that?” I don’t find these questions offensive at all, but I often struggle with my response. Read more

Anna Corbitt

APRIL (Conference) in October


Usually when your boss calls you into her office, away from prying eyes, it feels like being called to the principal’s office. Your face starts getting hot and your thoughts race through every possible terrible thing you might have done in your entire life. Read more

Kevin Geekie

Attitude Change is Overdue


A major attitude change is absolutely necessary for people with disabilities to thrive to the fullest in society. The human race as a whole must step in to the 21st century. Read more