AccessibleSTL Roundtable Summer Series
Session #1:  Telework & Accessibility During the COVID -19 Crisis and Beyond

Time:  12:00 – 1:30 pm CST
Date:  Wednesday, June 24, 2020
Place:  The comfort of your own home or office

COVID-19 is rapidly changing the world and the way we work; Paraquad is committed to helping people with disabilities, and their employers, stay ahead of these changes.  As part of this commitment, we are offering a virtual, educational summer series to share the skills and knowledge required to successfully navigate today’s fluid work environment.  We hope you’ll join Mary Thompson, Paraquad’s Accessibility Specialist, on June 24th for the first session in this exciting and important series!

Topics covered include:

  • 7 steps to working remotely
  • Assistive technology
  • Accessible technology
  • Digital event accessibility from sending the invitation to hosting the event
  • Plain language in remote work
  • Checklists and tips for successful telework

These sessions are a remote alternative to our usual AccessibleSTL Roundtable luncheon events traditionally hosted at Paraquad.  While we normally charge for AccessibleSTL trainings, we are offering this series free as a public service to the community.  We understand the economic crisis COVID -19 has created, and we are resolved to empower employees with disabilities and their employers to continue working effectively through this storm.

Telework & Accessibility

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