Empowering people with disabilities to increase their independence through choice and opportunity.

Who We Serve  

We work with people of all ages — from children who might have a disability to senior citizens. We assist people who have a wide variety of disabilities, including physical, cognitive, visual, auditory and mental/emotional.

What Is A Center For Independent Living?

A Center for Independent Living is a nonprofit, community-based agency that provides five core services: advocacy, independent living, information and referral, peer consultation and transition.

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On The Blog

2021 CDS Strategy – Senate

The House Budget Committee failed to restore the cuts to the Consumer Directed Services program last week. The budget will now go to the Senate Appropriations Committee, where there is another opportunity for funding cuts to be restored and for the provider rate to be increased. It is imperative that advocates across the state work…

URGENT: Proposed CDS Budget Cuts

We have some bad news: The Governor has proposed a SECOND cut to funding the Consumer Directed Services program for Fiscal Year 2022. If the proposed funding cuts are passed it could mean you or someone you love will lose services. We need your help. There are several ways you can get involved: Email –…

2021 St. Louis City Mayoral Election

St. Louis City’s 2121 Mayoral Election is just around the corner! On March 2nd four candidates will be on the primary ballot; the two winners will run against each other in the April 6th General Election. The candidates and their top priorities are listed below. More information can be found on each individual’s website. Lewis…